Real burden valuation

Information necessary for valuation of real burden and right of user

General Information Content
A.1 Authorised representatives the persons responsible for preparing and providing the information to the Appraiser
A.2 Date of valuation date as of which the assets are to be valued
Assets Information Content
M.1 Real estate Registry information –

  1. copies of titles to the real estate subject to the real burden or right of user
  2. copy of cadastral map
  3. survey map (in the case of land) showing the extent of the real burden, including size per each land plot
  4. real burden agreements in the case of already registered real burdens or rights of user
M.2 Draft real burden agreement draft real burden agreement including at least the following information:

  • full identification of the beneficiary
  • full identification of the obligor
  • description of the real burden, its extent and purpose, expected exercise of the right, frequency, etc.
  • information about consideration (one-off payment / regular annual fee, etc.)
  • the length of time for which the real burden is created
M.3 Contact person client’s contact person